December 30, 2011

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December 28, 2011

Happy Holidays

The holidays have only just started and already exams and school seem miles away. The thought of resits in January are being filed to the outer recesses of my brain for the time being.
One thing was rather typical, and seems to be a recurring feature of exam time ending: the flu. It always seems to sneak its way in just when you least want it. Fighting off various colds during the exams is one thing, but once you fully relax and let your guard down the germs seem to really grab their chance!
Naturally, this flu will hang around just long enough to see me through the holidays... My family are rather pleased as well as I arrived home for a few days and by the time I went back to Amsterdam everyone had been infected with my flu bug ;) Now they'd rather have me stay far away until all the germs have been warded off!
Being ill has various funny sides, as nobody recognizes me on the phone anymore (I now sound like a person who smokes at least 50 cigarettes a day...) and I have practised shouting, which results in absolutely no sound at all!
As I always have a lot of sympathy for myself when I am feeling poorly, I sat around with my laptop all day yesterdat and happened to notice that the H&M website had uploaded the new spring collection. I happen to be rather susceptible to pretty things that can be bought online and have now (accidentally) purchased 5 new bikini's, of which I have succesfully convinced myself that they will be a great addition to my wardrobe. Now all I need to do is book a holiday somewhere so I can put them to good use, because we all know that waiting for the summer here in Holland is probably going to be rather disappointing.
I would say that the message here is to keep a tight hold on your wallet when you're a little feverish (or actually delusional). You never know what useless things you end up with otherwise!

December 26, 2011

Happy Christmas and a Merry New-Year!

The T2 exam period has finally passed and now a well-deserved holiday awaits us. I do not even dare to imagine what grand array of possible activities I could do the upcoming days.. Nah let’s just do it anyway.

First, I'll have to work my ass off at my job, because people tend to postpone the Christmas shopping till the very last day.. Its always last minute shopping and they get mad at me for not having what they seek.. Really its hopeless.. sigh..

Second, celebrate new year’s eve! This is the only legitimate reason for every man, woman and no kid to be drunk! hick#% For those who wonder were Santa goes after Christmas, he’s actually celebrating new year’s eve with us! How do you think he gets his beer belly every year?

Last but not least my happy thoughts go to school again.. Resits are the first to welcome you in the 2012. May it be a warm welcome and hopefully the results won't leave you in the cold.

Before even thinking about school let's enjoy the last couple of days left of this year!

For students, please come back intact or at least have enough fingers left to do the resits and for teachers save an adaquate amount of braincells to correct our resits :P

Merry New-Year and Happy Christmas!!

December 21, 2011

The end is near

I feel so uninspired today. I cannot think anymore, due to all the studying. Im so tired of everything. I need a break, a christmas break! And the end of the exam period is sooo near...

Finally, tomorrow is the last exam of this exam period. The last exam of this semester, and hopefully the last exam before I go on exchange. I have already a few results back, which were positive. My last exam tomorrow is Spanish 5. My favorite course, the course I cannot fail because I feel so connected to the country, the language. But today, I just have no energy left to keep myself motivated. I just cannot start, while my book is laying just in front of me, I still havent opened it yet.

I wanted to start learning early today, but I have done exactly nothing. (Yes, I hear you thinking, the night before?, yes the night before, because the week before the exams we had to hand in three reports and make two decentral exams, and this week I had to learn for other courses)
Before studying, I want to have my room clean, have dinner with my friends and watch my favorite soap. Why do I keep believing myself when I convince myself that I need these things before I start studying? It is taking me hours before I even start..

Now I ended up with just not knowing where to start. And since I do not know where to start, I decided to write this weekly blog. I have to publish one each wednesday, so this has to be done first. Sorry about being so uninspiring, I just cannot come up with interesting topics. But I do want to know if there are students with the same problems Im facing today.

How do you deal with your last exam? Because I know it is my last one and that must already be very motivating, but it isnt at the moment.

How do you keep yourself motivated until the very end of your exam period?

December 19, 2011

2012 won't be our end right?

In the last couple of weeks I have heard and read some quite disturbing news. As I roamed the internet trying to find additional info, I came across quite interesting facts about the college many of us are attending.

The first that sparked my interest is that the HVA, after research has been conducted about the quality of the organization and its teaching method, is proclaimed to be the second worst college in the Netherlands after In-Holland. I have also noticed that the entire organisation is actually quite a mess. There has been a total overhaul at the HVA, many lecturers are fired and people with certain functions are being replaced by others etc, etc etc.

The second is that I have read an article regarding the two following studies; Trade Management Asia and International Management. In this article it is mentioned that these two studies were to be of poor quality. They said that if actions were not to taken soon the two courses will be dissolved.

For me and many others this is a very bad sign. I follow the TMA course myself and hearing all this has made me quite skeptical about the future of my studies. What will happen to the students who are currently taking this course? Will fourth year student still be able to get their bachelor degree or will all their efforts in the past four years be for naught?!

I sincerely hope that the outcome will be positive and that we and future students may enjoy this course for many more years to come.

May they make the right decision and remember the following well:

Wisdom is useful in the future.
Knowledge is useful now.

December 18, 2011

Que hora es?

At the moment I'm trying to study for a Spanish exam and also an oral, and I've enlisted the help of Youtube. Now I've stumbled upon something called 'Que hora es?', which is hilarious. Unfortunately, there are only two episodes! This really is a shame as it's funny and it very easy Spanish, my ideal combination.
I've always had a bit of difficulty with Spanish, but one teacher recommended watching soaps, as the spanish soaps are very easy to follow due to their lack of actual substance. And that is how I found myself watching 'Que hora es?'
However, I will not let myself be defeated and am now on a quest to find another mindless Spanish soap on Youtube, if anybody already knows one: fill me in!
Further tips for learning Spanish without staring at your book all day: grab a dvd (movie or serie) that you've seen quite often already and set the language to Spanish and keep the English subtitles, or vice versa. Or if you're very daring, put both in Spanish ;)
I have another 17 hours and then it will be time for some superb Spanish to come from my brain to my test paper, so here's to hoping that in the next few hours something useful stays lodged up there!

December 14, 2011

Open book exams..

Tomorrow is the exam of Import&Procurement, and Im very very very well prepared! Thanks a lot to my teacher! The story about how I got so well prepared for the exam is an amusing story....

A few weeks ago, my teacher told me that we are allowed to take everything (I mean everything!!) books, notes, reference work and so on, to the exam. I can take everything that helps me to get to the answer of the questions. He said: 'take eveything, except for your mother in law'. ( Im not so sure why my teacher mentioned her, probably he has not a good relationship with her, or was it just a lame teacher's joke?)

Anyway, I asked him about the catch, and he assured me that there will be no catch. 'Go ahead, take everything with you!'.

So I started to make a nice and clear summary for myself. And thought of more sources that would help me. So I copied his powerpoint slides, and searched for all the answers on the mock exams he gave us, added some information from internet sources to my work.

So, you can probably already guess what happened, I was so busy with collecting everything, that at the end of the day I ended up with a bulging masterpiece of thirty pages. And well, this was not clear at all. Too much information... Perhaps different colored post it's would give more overview?

Finally, at eleven o clock in the evening, the night before the exam, I got it.... I do not need my masterpiece, I can just keep it as another piece of art for my gallery.....

Because I have made it, I know all the concepts, models, theories by heart. And ofcourse Im not stupid, I know when using the book at the exam, without learning will result in an incomplete answersheet. But to be honest with you, I was really thinking that I was a genius by jusk making another book.

I think it is hilarious that I did not find it very clever of my teacher to give us mock exams and let us take our notes as well. But in fact, he is clever! And as a result, the exam is going to be a piece of cake for me now......

December 13, 2011


Exams have only just started and already my brain is turning to mush... Maybe it's the harsh lighting, maybe the endless staring at a computer screen/ book/ handout/ mock exam. Sometimes the grey mass that is supposed to be working up there just will get in to gear.
I'm sitting here hoping for some sudden blast of understanding but not getting anyting as such.
Fortunately I have noticed, over the years, that the act of writing down information over and over again does make some of it stick! However, come tomorrow morning my hand will be so sore that writing will seem like an impossible task. Also, I now have 1 pen left in the house and I bet it be empty by tomorrow. Just my luck ;)

I once saw an episode of Dexter's Lab where Dexter fell asleep with a Learning French tape on and when he woke up he knew perfect French. Unfortunately, the tape had gotten stuck so all he could say was 'cheese omelette' which is a little unfortunate. Anyway, I would still go for that method if it worked, letting the information enter my brain whilst catching up on some much-needed sleep.

For now I'm sticking with the writing things down option, as a written summary works better than me than a typed one. I would definitely recommend this to others! And if you have any tips for me? Let me know!

December 11, 2011

Thou shall not fear the exams!

May this story inspire those who have exams next week!

Once upon a time an innocent student was given the task to study for exams. Being fairly new in this world and not knowing what to do he became nervous.. But an idea struck him like a lightning bolt. Fully charged by the blast that struck his mind, he started his epic journey towards the completions of the assignment.

Many days passed and many hardships were felt on the harsh roads in the dangerous lands called the library. The days were cold, the mountains steep and the ravines deep but he has gotten through all these hindrances without much trouble.

Countless times was he tempted by Facebook to forever dwell in the dark caverns of posts, likes and other horrors. Seductive mp3's whispering in his ears to stray from the righteous path. When practicing assignments he got attacked by spellings mistakes and he got chased after by a monster called grammar mistakes. Faith and hard work have kept him alive in the dangerous mountains of books and ravines of many pages deep.

But when he was about to give up he saw a beacon of hope, the legendary last page of the tomes of homework . With renewed determination he rose from the depths of his sorrows and shone high in the sky and successfully completed his task.

Only ancient old stories mentioned these divine tasks and till now only one student survived to tell the tale.

It is you!

December 8, 2011

Adios Amigos

Yesterday I was so busy with my strategic marketing plan that I totally forgot to upload a new blog. Today in class was probably the last day with most of my classmates, many of us are going on exchange and others will stay here to finish second years courses. As I already told you, I will be going on exchange to Peru, altough it is not completely sure whether I will go or not ( I still have to pass two second year exams)

For the past 2,5 year, I have spend more time with them each week than I spend time with my boyfriend, my friends or family.

Despite of the fact that they were only my classmates, and that we had fun in between our lessons, and that most of the time working in the project groups was very stressful, Im exited to go on exchange. I almost have obtained all the ECTS from the first three years, but now I realize that we will no longer be together as a team, and that I am going to miss them very much.

December 5, 2011

The end is near

You can tell when the end of a semester is in sight, somehow there are a whole lot of things to do and very little time. A recuring symptom throughout my past few years here.
The best thing is when teachers say that they would like you to hand in everything the week before the exams, just to relieve us of a little stress so that we're not freaking out when the exams come. What does this mean? Up until the weekend before the exams we are working flat out to get everything finished, presented, handed in and wrapped up, thus leaving zero time to actually study for the 8 or so exams that we have coming up.
What I would really appreciate is a free week before the exam period, as studying for several different subjects is rather difficult to do. Especially when we have classes during the day, it just leaves so little time to actually get into the subjects that you're trying to study for. It becomes 'cramming'. Useless short-time memorization of snippets of information, which are forgotten immediately after an exam and are therefore of no use later. Bit of a bummer...
Just for fun, you should take a little look in my agenda, which is so full that I have resorted to using coloured post its in there! I've already had a few people laughing at the state of affairs in there ;)

December 4, 2011

The New Guy

Hi! I'm Jesse, 20 years of age and I'm a brand new blogger!

I am here to keep my fellow students motivated and to put a smile on their face when reading my blog every sunday!!

Not that there is much motivation to be given om sunday though.. You guys are probably either working, studying or doing nothing, so NOT behind a computer screen to read it... And for a laugh you can just turn on the tube and watch comedy central or hang out with friends..

What am I Actually doing here?!

November 30, 2011

Help, I have to present

Tomorrow I have 3 presentations at one day! Since I do not like to present, Im not looking forward to it. I hope that day will go by soon..

But I do not understand why I do not like to present. Or do not like, I better say that I am scared to death of presenting. The fact that I have three presentations tomorrow is keeping me from sleeping for almost week now.

I was wondering whether this would go away, or will I stay nervous when talking in public forever. (hope not!) How do I solve this? How do you deal with speaking in public? Guess I have to practise until I know it by heart, and than nothing can go wrong. But what if it goes wrong? I always have many notes with me, because I am so affraid of getting a black out. Here we go again with my worst case scenerios (I already have posted a blog on this topic) I have to stop thinking about worst case scenarios, and just go for it. Think about the best case scenarios! How hard can that be?

Today I have decided that I will approach it differently. I will only take bullet points on small cards with me tomorrow, for the very first time! Hopefully it will go so well that in the future I do not feel insecure or affraid anymore.

November 29, 2011

Challenge Day

Yesterday I gave my PD5 workshop with my team. Our workshop was called 'HES Challenge Day', after the MTV program. Our aim was to get everybody to share themselves more with our class, and to understand each other more.
We did funny warm up activities, a game called 'Cross the line' and one called 'If you really knew me'. It was very beneficial, as even if people don't talk about their most intimate secrets, you always find out things that you did not yet know even if it is as random as past jobs or hobbies.
I enjoyed myself, and I would encourage others to organize a similar event for their class as well. It might be nice to do so earlier in the year, as most people in my class are leaving for exchange soon and we will not be able to reap the benefits of our Challenge Day.
It could also help your class in improving cooperation during the teamwork activities.

November 25, 2011

Different culture different perception

As a matter of the fact, I do not want to go on exchange. I have been living in the Netherlands for three years, and I think staying in the Netherlands gives me more opportunity to learn something from European countries. I am coming from Asia and I have traveled to lots of countries over there, my country is Afghanistan located in the heart of Asia, I have gotten a bachelor in field of Macroeconomics and currently doing four years IM study in two years with some exemption of subjects. For me it is much better to learn about different European cultures. I probably would like to travel to some other part of the European countries for study or internship. I think in this world everyone is looking for different challenges, “Different culture different perception” some European like to travel to Asia and see the differences over there, whereas, most of Asian like to also travel to see what is going on the other part of the world and taste the cultural differences and social behaviors of other people. It is quite interesting to travel all over the world and think out of the box. There is an old Dari saying “ Be friend of someone who traveled a lot instead of being friend of someone who has money’’ it may not make proper sense when it is translated but it means ‘’ those who travel may have more experiences, of those who are only looking wealth and think in the box’’.

November 23, 2011

The new Intranet

Change is not always better. Maybe I'm just a little adverse to change.
however, the new Intranet (SIS) is not what I would call an improvement. I have not yet heard anyone say anything at all positive about SIS, which is not surprising to me.
The system is utterly confusing to me and no sufficient exaplanation has been given yet. Once the enrollment period had begun we received emails on how to enroll, all because nobody could manage it. No further information on the use or usefulness of SIS has been given as of yet, and it seems that proof of enrollment is not received until the enrollment period has closed, ensuring that when you find out that something has gone wrong it is subsequently too late to do anything about it! Anyway, enrollment closed last weekend and I still haven't received a proof of enrollment... Most teachers must be going crazy as well as they are being overloaded with emails from students who don't understand the system, whilst most of the faculty have not got the hang of it yet either.
I'm still wondering what was so wrong with the Intranet, as at least I had found my way around there!

November 20, 2011

Evaluating on teamwork

For PD5 we had to organize a clinic with teambuilding as topic. I had to organize one with two other classmates. The teamwork in our team was not good, I felt responsible for everything, while the others did not. They did not come up with ideas, even though I had asked them several times. I had arranged the venue, the equipment, made an invitation for the class, and so on.

Afterall the clinic went well, and my teammembers did a great job at the actual clinic by presenting well and keeping everybody enthousiastic. But I was the one who did all the organization and made up most of the teambuilding activities. At the actual date of our workshop one of my teammembers came up with one himself.

And now I have to hand in a reflection tomorrow. They are my classmates, and at the clinic it seemed like they did a lot of work as well as I did. (for the teacher & outsiders) So Im in a dillema. Do I go for a higher grade (which I think I deserve, because they only followed what I had come up with) or do I just write down that we did a great job, and everyone participated? The teacher asked us to deliver our reflections together as a team. We have to write them individually, but need to bundle them together. If the teacher want honest reflections, she must not ask for a bundle of reflections, because I do not want my fellow classmates to think that I want to let them down itentionally.

But on the other hand, my presenting skills are not that good, and at the clinic my teacher told me to improve those. So I do not want to get a lower grade because of my presenting skills while I did almost all the work for the clinic....


Exchange @ Singapore!

Finally a message from far Asia; Singapore! Lets begin with a small intro; who I am and what I am (currently) doing. Well, my name is Gregor Hogetoorn, only 20 years old and a third year International Business and Languages (IBL) student at the HES. As some of you might know you have the chance to go on exchange. Currently I am on exchange, studying at the Nanyang Business School (NBS), to be found in Singapore. If you want to get to know more about my school, you can visit the following website:

Unhappily there was no place anymore on the campus and that’s why I’m living outside of campus. I’m a bit disappointed about the fact they gave all locals a place on campus while (some) exchange students had to find a place on their own. I managed to find a place together with three other Dutch students from the HES. The room rates outside campus are four times as expensive as the rooms on campus. And I can use that money so good for other things over here. Our room is located about 45 minutes from campus and we travel by the well-regulated public transport. During peak hours you have to be patient because sometimes you have to wait 1 or 2 buses. There are three different shuttle bus services (free) on campus because the terrain is huge ( It’s like a small village in a big city.

The NBS, a well-known business school and part of the Nanyang Technological University (NTU). I’m following four courses:

1) Compensation & Benefits;

2) Strategic HR & Consulting;

3) Services Operation Management;

4) Strategic Management.

The teaching approach is different from my home university. To start, all different subjects have, next to the ‘normal’ (home)work, a group project which needs a lot of time and attention. Back home I only had one bigger group project. I’m off on Mondays and Thursdays but these days were used for homework and group meetings (and travelling). Group meetings were held on the craziest places, ranging from picnic benches in gardens to McDonalds.

Next to that, a lecture hour is four (clock)hours, quite long. In the beginning it was hard to concentrate that long but at the end it was easier. (I’m not saying easy!) The school is more demanding and the students are far more serious and motivated than students on the HES (sorry to say this). I have so much respect for the students here and this gave me a new look at my study. It might sound weird, but I’m going to miss this school so hard.. Everything is perfectly organized and the schoolbuildings, shops, teachers/professors, students, etc are all great! And because the studying is more demanding doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying besides school! Everyday is a party

Singapore on its own is just a great city! Everything is planned very well and everything runs perfectly! They thought about every detail, on school as well as everywhere! The first few days I had to get used to this city (compared to Amsterdam) but for now; I feel like a local.

Realizing my school period is over in ten days makes me a kind of sad. I had such a great time here, although there were some stressful periods as well. My first exams will start in only two days, which means that I’m studying my ass of now. After my last exam (29th of November) I’m flying to Hanoi and will travel around SE Asia for two more months. Will be back in Singapore at the end of January to say goodbye to the city, the people and the life for the ‘last’ time. But I’ll come definitely back here!

For all students, please study hard; get the best out of it so you can go to a great place (like Singapore) for your exchange! Saying goodbye to your fellows and family back home is hard, but I’m sure you going to have a wonderful time on your exchange!

Wish you all the best and if there are any questions/comments don’t hesitate to mail me:

And of course, for people who are planning to go to Singapore; I’ve got some insider tips as well! Just let me know!

Ooh and last but not least, if any of you got some tips for travelling around SE Asia, please let me know!

Take care!

November 15, 2011

Miniature Ice Age

Cold, colder, coldest.
Usually the Dutch winters come gradually, a jumper one day, winter jacket the next, and then the gloves arrive. Not this year, it went from Autumn to extreme Winter in a week!
This results in busy trams and metro's, no sitting down in the mornings for a short nap ;)
I am interested to see how the NS and other public transport companies will cope with the extreme winter this year.
One word of advice: as soon as the frost and snow arrive, be sure to leave home early! Depending on where you live and what forms of transport you need to take to get to school, it is a good idea to take some extra time, especially during exam periods as it is such a pity to have to miss an exam!
An also, wrap up warm guys!!