October 28, 2011


The QMO exam, last Monday I had to make it again. The QMO exam is the Math test, I am sure that most of you know this one. I do not have the result back yet, but as my math skills are not that good, I think I failed again. It seems to me that I cannot do it. Although, I know you have to say to yourself that you can do it, and my parents keep telling me that it is ok if I have tried, and did the best I can. I made this exam six times already? I am in the 3rd year of the IM programm, and I still do not have my propaedeutic certificate. I miss one ECT, and that one is QMO. How frustrated it that? With all the effort, time after time a dissapointing result.

It is not that I have that much difficulties with calculations, it is the way the exams are taken. We have to make the exam on the computer, with a time clock on the screen. We have one hour to complete the test, 50 questions. Questions like: Find p, what is the value of x, square of 2. Since I already have had extra lessons on school, I decided to start with private tutoring.

And last monday was the day of the exam. And it was just not possible to fail again. All the hours that I had worked on my math skills. I could not sleep the night before, I was so exciting to take the exam, because I knew this would be the last exam in order to obtain my propaedeutic certificate. As soon as we had to log in on the system, I suddenly became very insecure. The first questions, the most simple multiplication sums, I did not know how to solve the sums anymore. The clock was ticking further.. Why do they torture us with this method of taking exams? And ofcourse this is an individual issue, because not every student has these difficulties with the method. But I do, and a few class mates do.

Why is this exam on the computer? Very modern, but I would be more secure to show my skills on paper, to let the teachers see that I do know the calculations. On the computer you only fill in your answer, so they cannot see how you came to a particular solution. It can be that I made a typing error, or sometimes I use the wrong punctuation mark. And that clock on the side of the screen, observers who let you sign a paper with your name during the test, very nervous making! This exam has become a major obstacle, and I get very demotivated by it. I passed for management accounting and financial accounting with high marks. This math test must be something psychological instead of a lack of skills...

Power of Arts

Historical sculptural in my opinion has incredible potential to carryout messages for People to learn from the past and have a wonderful remembering in the future. Last week while I was walking down the street suddenly something got my attention. what do you think it was? It was some of the sculptures which were from long time ago. By looking to some of these sculptures remind me to think about the past history of human being and their power to the other people who were living in the surrounding areas.

These sculptures let me to think about previous kings who were ruling some part of this world and had been doing lots of disastrous and catastrophic murder at this beautiful world. Because of these cruelty lots of people lost their family, children, and finally their own lives. Actually this is the power of the art which remind me to think about previous incident and happening that has long time ago occurred to this world. On the other hand, sculpture of a lady covered with white sun glasses) waiting for someone gave me the impression to think about Love, patience and peace, which also comes from these sculptures to be more positive about upcoming future.

I have learned from these sculptures to look wisely to the future and be patient to all challenges which I am going to face in my daily life. These arts can teach us to have a long looking to the future and reveal our dreams which we are waiting for and trying to be consistent in all aspects of lives.

Finally, I would like to mention that these kinds of sculptures are the relation of the past and legacy for the future. This legacy can teach us to learn about different cultures, different people and variety of other values which are around us.

October 25, 2011

Money, money, money

Has anyone else noticed that they seem to be rather poor?
When we lived at home everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) was paid for by our parents. I probably should have appreciated that more... It seems as though I'm getting poorer by the minute, although my moving to Amsterdam probably didn't help!

Every month we prepare ourselves for the 24th, when the IB sends us a truckload of money, and we get behind our computer to pay the various bills. For me it's almost like 15 minutes of fame. For a little while I'm rich!! And then, inevitably, after paying those bills I am once again broke. It all goes by in a flash; rent, telephone bill, insurance, electric/water bill. And worst of all: college fees! This is because it's always (if you pay monthly like I do) deducted from your account a few days after the Stufi comes, which is almost unkind as there is a large amount sitting there in your account that you just cannot touch.

Anyway, how to solve this money problem?
I've had various jobs during the past 5 years, such as catering, hostess work, administrative work, promotion jobs, etc. All run of the mill odd jobs via student work agencies. At the moment though, I have something that I quite enjoy and could make something of in the future. I do translation work, which can be done from home and whenever you please (as long as it is finished on time)!
So, don't despair! There are plenty of jobs out there, but a little effort is required when looking for something that isn't completely horrifying. Plenty of bars and shops to work in, but if you're not into doing the same thing each time then a student work agency is great as it offers a lot of flexibility and variation.

October 18, 2011

Free Time is Study Time

This week started off (or actually, this weekend) feeling like a holiday, but I’m gradually getting to grips with the fact that I should probably be doing some studying as it is officially not a holiday!

So, what feels like free time is meant to be filled with lots and lots of numbers and calculations. Of which I am not very fond.

This aversion to all things mathematical is simply because I suck at all of it (sorry, am not very good at it)! I used to be very good at maths when I was at school, and of course at that time I loved maths just because I could show off to all the other poor kids who just couldn’t understand it. And now I’m one of them….

Next week I will be redoing the exam for Trade Corporate Finance (it just sounds scary right?) as I didn’t take the test last year, due to resitting all the Financial Accounting tests. As one may notice, I am taking my sweet time with all these tests containing anything financial or number-related.

I would advise anyone who struggles with these kinds of exams to take their time as well. Of course, you can study and pass with a 5,5 but it probably won’t get you anywhere in the long run as many of us will be ending up in jobs where a little financial knowledge is surely going to be required. So, taking a little longer and making sure that you actually know and understand what you’re calculated during one of those test can be quite rewarding (I hope). At least, that’s what taking the Financial Accounting tests several times did for me!


I have an account on Facebook, and so do half a billion other people around the world. You can customize your own page by mobile uploads, status updates and so on. I love to read funny messages from my friends, or follow them on what they are doing. Furthermore, I do like studyleaks on facebook!

I was wondering, what does facebook mean to me? I sometimes have the feeling that I am a bit old-fashioned!

I have an account since 2008, when I was living in Costa Rica for half a year to study Spanish. I wanted to stay in contact with the people there, and they suggested to sign up for facebook. At that time, only a few friends had an account, but it was useful for me to stay in touch with people from all over the world. I believe this was the intention of facebook, but Im not sure.

Surprisingly, now I have my ex-boyfriend, who dumped me years ago, sending me a message that he wants to be friends with me. For what purpose?! To increase his ‘friends’?

Or people from school (who do not speak to me in class) stalking me with questions like what do we have to do for school? Did I miss something today? Can you send me your report?

And what is wrong with all the people I met in bars and clubs who ask me my facebook account. I do not know you, and I am talking with you because I feel like talking right now, but I do not want to share my personal pictures and status updates with you. I do not want you to be my ‘friend’ on facebook, simply because we aren’t friends.


October 16, 2011

"Some experiences for new students to accomplish their goals”

I would like to share some of my experiences with students who are currently busy doing their T1 exam. Dear all students, as I said before that last semester I had to follow different classes with different students from first year, second year and third year. I had quite complicated schedule. The question is how was it possible for me to arrange all those classes with different teachers, students and could be able to pass successfully? There are some suggestions for those students who are joining new to school and are still hesitant to continue or stop. Dear aspirant students the only and the first thing you should do is; Be active in the class and attend all your classes, you might think this is an obvious one. But I speak from experience when I say that many students skip classes for one reason or another, participating all classes let you know everything about exams, deadlines and many more. Furthermore, try to be prepared before coming to the class, be an active listener, do your assignment right after you come home, this gives you the opportunity to have more time and feel relaxed, because you have couple of assignments simultaneously, if you put all those assignments off to the last minutes, I believe you are going to have a big problem. There is an old saying that “we cannot eat a cow in one night’’ let say use time wisely. foremost, the most eminent point is, try to create a good relationship with your classmates and strive to show them that you are active and desire to do your best. In conclusion, try to be patient and face challenges, "do not give up quickly, everything is possible just do your best’’. I wish you all the best and I hope these experiences can be a turning point to your study program. All the best and success with your T1 exams and all your upcoming exams.

October 12, 2011

Working in a restaurant

Besides studying, I have a part-time job in a restaurant. To be able to pay rent, food, buy clothing and afford going out with friends, most students have to work. I am very pasionate about the hospitality business, and I love my job. Altough I do love my job, there are many annoying but funny aspects of working in a restaurant, which I like to share with you.

Last night a couple entered the restaurant, and the woman ordered a cup of thea, and the man ordered a caipirinha, aslo called caprina, a brazilian cocktail.

As soon as I had made the drinks, I served them to the guest. In the mean time, the husband went to the bathroom, and the woman was looking at me as if I were crazy. Caprina?! ' My husband does not drink cocktails, he ordered beer'.

Besides the knowledge you need to have before you can work at a restaurant, the first thing you will learn is that the customer is always (!) right. Even it was not possible to confuse a cocktail with beer, she is right, so I had to serve him beer.

Then the husband came back from the toilet, and was very mad at me. Why do I have beer instead of the cocktail which I have ordered?! Luckily I kept the caprina, and gave it to him. The woman apologized...

Another incident that happend that night was a couple that was drinking a white wine, a French chardonnay. My manager served it to them, and when the glasses were empty, I asked them if they would like to have another one. 'Yes, we do want another one, but can you ask your manager which one we had, because he knows'. I can understand that they think I am just a student that has no knowledge, but surprise, I know everything about our wine assortment, we all do. I brought them the wine, and the women sip from her glass. 'Miss? This is not the same wine as we had before'. Altough it was the same wine, I had to take it back, because the customer is always right! I asked my manager to bring the glasses (the same glasses as I already brought them earlier). You will not believe what happened ... This is what she said: ' Thank you sir, this is the right wine, this is the wine we were drinking before!'.

The evening was not over yet, and we had another woman who thought she knew better than just a twenty year old sudent. The woman ordered Dame Blanche, which is vanilla ice cream with choclate sauce and cream. She ordered it for her little daughter without the choclate sauce. 'No problem miss, we will get your child one without choclate sauce.

When the dish was ready, and I was standing in front of the table I was asking 'Who has ordered the Dame Blanche?' She started laughing and I did not know why. With a mean and sarcastic voice the said:

'Excuse me, did you just say Dame Blanche? Have you ever seen a Dame Blanche without choclate sauce?' According to her I had to say vannilla ice with cream instead of Dame Blanche.

Just keep smiling, the customer is always right.........

October 10, 2011

Juggling Act

Juggling Act

It’s amazing how at one moment I can be completely convinced that I’m on track with all my schoolwork, and the next (when Blackberry decides to put the internet back on) I have about a hundred new frantic emails with things that MUST be done for tomorrow morning…

That’s when I experience a few moments of ‘brain freeze’, followed by erratic ‘what to do what to do what to do’ and then it’s about time to pull myself together again.

The solution that I’ve come up with is simply working on multiple assignments at the same time, as you can see below. It might not be the most effective when later looking at the content, but at least I can say (and show) that I did some work for all the subjects that I should have.

Now I’m wondering though, is it my extremely bad time-keeping and planning (personally I think I’m rather good at planning, though not so great at time-keeping) or is it just all those other things that are just too great to pass up? So many things and so little time!

Do I stay downstairs after dinner with my roommates and watch TV, go out for drinks, walk about on the Albert Cuyp market, go out for dinner, drink endless cups of tea and have the most interesting (and sometimes the most useless) conversations? Or do I do the sensible thing and leave early every time to get on with my work?

It really is a live juggling act!

October 8, 2011

Studying at HVA Amsterdam

Studying at HVA Amsterdam, I have joined last semester to the school and I am in third year now! Is it possible to join one semester and be in third year all of a sudden? Yes possible!!! i tell you how I have gotten almost two years exemptions from many subjects which I have already studied with my previous bachelor in field of macro-economics. You might wonder why I do again a bachelor!! Yes you are right but I have some reasons for it. First of all the main reason is why I do a bachelor again is, doing a master program is rocket high price and I couldn’t afford it now. Secondly, I got my bachelor from different country and even from different continent, I would really want to see the differences between my bachelor and European bachelor.

In up coming week I would like to share sweet experiences and challenges that i have faced at the HVA, these experiences might be a great turning point for the new students who are currently doing their first year.

October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs: How to live before you die | Video on TED.com

Steve Jobs: How to live before you die | Video on TED.com

Amsterdam in All Its Glory

Amsterdam in all it's glory

Living in Amsterdam is the best thing that could ever happen to me. I love cycling through the city, cruising through the canals, lying in the 'vondelpark' with my friends. I truly love Amsterdam. Recently I have moved into the 'pijp', In my opinion one of the nicest places of Amsterdam. I have the Albertcuypmarket in front of my door.

Unfortunately life in Amsterdam has a downside as well. Last week I woke up in the middle of the night, I heard something in my room. Since I had to make an exam in the morning at 8.30, I decided to not pay attention to the noise and tried to fall asleep again. Most of the time when I hear something in my room it happens to be a little mouse. I am usually terrified of those little monsters, but this time I could not care less, my exam was of great importance.

The following day I came home satisfied, because my exam went pretty well. I grabbed a cup of thea and sat down behind my desk in my room to finish my homework for the next day. As soon as I sat down, I heard the noise again. It came from behind my laundrey basket in the corner of the room. What could this be? I called my roommate and she listened attentively as well. Oh my gosh, this cannot be only one mouse, this must be a whole family. Did I say that I loved Amsterdam? I was not so sure anymore.

Even when we did not dare to do so, we lifted the laundry basket to see if we could find something.

And there is was. what we saw was disgusting! It was a long fat tail of some kind of animal. This was not a tiny little mouse, it was a rat! We could only scream. What can you do when you have a rat in your room? The poor animal was already there for two days. I slept in my room while there was a rat roaming in my room.

We started calling the police, the animal rescuers, pest control, and nobody was able to help us. The police was laughing, the animal rescuers did not come for a rat and the only thing they said was good luck girls, and the pest control was not available until the next day late in the evening. I would not survive another day with a rat in my room.

Amsterdam in All Its Glory, part 2

What would you do if you were in my shoes?! I called my parents in tears. I had never been so scared. My father came with the solution, just make a track was what he said, a track from your room to the front door. Since we did not had any alternatives this was the best option. I just moved in the house and I had various shelves that are supposed to be hanging on the wall. That was our equipment for the track.

Fortunately I was with four friends and they were willing to help me. We divided the tasks, and we all had a position in the house to lead the rat. Ofcourse it was naive to think that the rat would run out by our self made track. And as we already thought, he refused to do so. Lara, my roommate moved the laundry basket with a hockey stick, and the rat came in my dirrection. I was so scared that I suddenly dropped the shelf, yes, precisely on the head of the rat. Poor little thing, how sad is this! What do we do now?! Luckily a big garbage truck in my street came by, so we asked one of the garbage men to help us clean up a little mouse. When he came upstairs he was shocked, he was screaming that this was not a little mouse anymore, it is a rat! He took the rat with him, and we were relieved.

The next day I red about a rat infestation in my neighborhood, yes we have noticed that! We regret the rat did not survive, and that he has came to his end like this....

Living in Amsterdam is amazing, but it is also an adventure each and every day.

October 4, 2011

Moving Day

Moving Day

To make use of the brilliantly sunny and warm weekend, I decided it was just the right time for me to make my move to Amsterdam. A great decision of course, as carrying hundreds of heavy bags and boxes in the sweltering heat just isn’t the best way to spend a weekend.

Luckily I made the switch from Utrecht to Amsterdam without too much trouble, and with help from family and friends (I really did manage to gather a LOT of junk these past few years…). However, I managed to cart it all up the 3 staircases and fit it into my room, so now I’m just waiting for the dust to settle.

As much fun as it can be to move and decorate a new room, it takes up so much more time that I had anticipated! And thus, all the great planning I had done with regard to projects and other homework assignments was unfortunately lost and everything was done Sunday night in bed. Not my best work, but sometimes schoolwork manages to come last rather often when there are other more entertaining things to be done.

My first real day in Amsterdam started of great though, walking out the front door thinking I knew exactly where I was going and then spending 55 minutes looking for the right tram to take me to our teambuilding session at the Amstel Science Park. Funny how I can still feel like a tourist in my own country…