January 30, 2012


Sorry everyone!! I haven't been able to write anything last Sunday. But I'll make it up to you by writing on something special, or rather something unusual people do not think about on a Saturdays midnight.

Over the last couple of months I noticed something noteworthy about human behavior in society. As I helped customers at work and every time when there was something to complain about. They would always refer to rules, regulations and make up lame excuses to have it their way. There was one instance in which a customer stated that he was not happy with the way I dealt with their problem or complaint. The customer said that he knew this or that particular law about it to exert some kind of authority over me.

I was just standing there and thought: "Dude.. Do you even know what the (censored) you are actually saying?" He would tell me the most irrelevant things about himself being knowledgeable about customer service etc. etc. Getting only worked up and pissed off. While if you were to use the smallest bit imaginable of reasoning you would've been able to understand or at least know why I could not do as he wished it be done.

Thus I sadly have to conclude that some people in this time of the existence of human beings, that while mankind should be prized for its capability of reasoning (using your brain) some have failed horribly.

-Living life without reason but only with emotions and according to law, is like being a raging deaf person walking up to a wall-

Wait! I'm not done yet! As I've promised in the very first post, Its my mission to put a smile on every ones face so here is a little poem. Enjoy!

Gave it my all to a failing cause, reaching an uncertain age.
Going through the book of life reading yet another blank page.
Seeing reason but not the light,
losing my objective out of sight.

Keep giving it enough effort they say and your hard work will bear fruit.
But till now no one has ever picked up that fruit leaving it to rot,
Laying on the ground not able to root.

Your efforts may miss this harvest, but do not fear.
Next season new chances will appear and fruit will grow anew.
Someone will be there to pick you up and hold you dear.

January 18, 2012

the Backup plan

Due to the christmas break and the exam period for the resits, I did not manage to make some time for writing a blog. Thereby I have to arrange a lot for my exchange to Peru. I will leave in about a month, and I still have a to-do-list of three pages.

My passport has expired, I need vaccinations, a visa, an apartment and so on. I also have to sell my scooter in order to buy a ticket. Due to the crisis, the restaurant I work at is almost bankrupt, so I do not have a job anymore. Funny how you can go within a few weeks from laidback and a job to extremely stressed and no job.

Therefore my advice is: ALWAYS have a plan B. The plan A was to work fulltime in the restaurant in february in order to have enough money for a ticket to Peru. And if losing my job wasn't depressing enough, my scooter felt on the ground during New Years Eve I guess, resulting in a broken windscreen and scratches all over the place. And did I already mention that my bike was gone too? (Hopefully I can buy my bike back from the junky who offers me bikes every night)

And if you do not have a plan B, be sure that you have some money which you can use in cases like this.... I am not in big trouble, cause I can always ask my parents to sponsor me, but I just want to do it myself...

January 17, 2012


After the blissful holiday period it is time to pick up the books and pens again!
Having spent the past week in the library I had thought that I would be well prepared for the exams this week. Amazing what you can do in a week of solitary confinement, aside from studying... I think all my books and notes have been properly labeled, I had done tons of washing and my room has been cleaned several times. Some studying was done in between as well ;)
In the time that I spent in the library most of the appliances in my house managed the break down. Our television keeps snowing, the dishwasher refuses to do anything and the washing machine threw a fit last weekend. Fortunately, after gentle coaxing and kind words, the washing machine accepted my clothes and got on with its job. The dishwasher and television were not so easy.
Thanks to my roommate a nice man is now on his way to take a look at aforementioned dishwasher. Unfortunately, this nice man will of course throw around a few difficult terms whilst rummaging around in our dishwasher and then come to the conclusion that whatever is broken is extremely expensive and we should thank him for it.
I must say I have actually become rather accustomed to washing dishes again and can't really say I miss the dishwasher all that much.... Television and washing machine are a different story though!
Somehow, the more appliances you have, the more they seem to break down. Also, the appliances seem to have some sneaky alliance where they get together and decide to break down at the very same time, especially when you are very busy or have no money at all!
I have come to suspect that there is a tiny perpetrator operating inside my house. Mice have been spotted on various (actually numerous) occasions and their tendency to nibble has led me to believe that I am actually a sort of rodent-victim!

January 16, 2012

My neighbors

Yesterday, while I was coming to my studio flat I mean my small house, I saw in the corridor two of my neighbors are insulting each other and shouting to one another. I was wondering what to do? For a second I started gazing at both of them and I was thinking what to do!!! Should I interrupt them and try to mediate of should I ignore them. I was in the middle of thinking that suddenly one of those people came to me and told me, Hey my neighbor Aren’t you annoyed with this loud music almost all the time form this neighbor:? I was thinking what to do in order to cool down the situation. I asked both of them. Are you fighting because of this? They astonishingly stared at me and said with roaring voice YES YES!!! I told them you can solve this with out making problem. I invite both of them to my house and try to negotiate with them to solve this problem. Finally after drinking a cup of coffee with them they have achieved an agreement to respect each other and listen to one another. I am delighted that my Intermediation caused to a positive end.

January 15, 2012

Victory is at hand!!

Today we shall make final preparations for the final battle against the first resit period! Armed with pencils, pens, erasers and our knowledge we shall bring the fight to them! The course of action is as follows. First we shall sneak passed the traps the tests have laid out for us, second we will spy on their movement and gain intelligence about their strategy to make us fail, last it is going to be us that will engage them on all fronts!

We are going to hit those tests hard ladies and gentlemen! Pencils will be used to draw the battle plan, erasers will be deployed to negate the tests demoralizing effect, pens are our main offensive weapons to lash out at our foes on the paper battlefield. Most importantly our brains will be the cavalry, because its support will be invaluable. The battle is likely going to last for two weeks, but I have the utmost trust and confidence that we will vanquish our foes and be VICTORIOUS!

Now my brave men and woman, go and deliver me "the heads" of your papers with glorious marks carved into them!!

P.S. Don't you dare chickening out by saying "... I took an arrow to the knee"!

January 12, 2012

How loss can teach us...painting!

In September 1998, my strong-willed, funny, brave, cute, warm, intelligent and amazingly wise son, Yarden, died of cancer at the age of 4. He went softly into the night and I somehow found the strength to let him go, without completely falling apart myself.
I had already started my journey of 'letting go' two years earlier, when he was first diagnosed. That same night, he almost died. Many times afterwards we sat next to him in hospital, watching him struggle. But he survived so much, and gave me so much hope that he might just beat the statistics which the doctors (also wisely) hid from me for as long as they could. For he had a virtually incurable and fast growing cancer.
I learned, during that period and since, that life has many layers. That prayers come in many forms, and that miracles are to be found all the time, all around us. I still stop and stare with wonder when I see a rainbow in the cloudy sky.

January 9, 2012

Reporting in from behind the PC.

The new year of 2012 has kicked in our doors and made itself comfortable in the living rooms we call life. Bringing us closer to our goals, wishes and the prospected future. For me, just another regular year with regular goals, wishes and no future. Why? Because when you think logically, the future does not exist and so doesn't history, there is only a now.

Moving on, New Years Eve went quite smoothly and it left many people alive but some not so kicking because they ended up in the hospital for some reason. I too managed to survive the new years bombings in which people "detonate homemade firebombs and fire missiles randomly in the air". I must say that it was quite a show though.

Last but not least school welcomes us back with the resit period! For some it is salvation and for others its like being in jail. For me its both, I messed up at multiple subjects. So it is like being a delinquent who's given a second chance to make up for his/her mistakes, but the preparations made needs to be done while locked up at home or elsewhere.

To wrap things up, I'd like to wish everyone success with their studies for the resit of your tests.
And remember we shall all be free from the shackles from our books once this is over!

Till we have classes again that is... sigh..

January 5, 2012

New Years and the generous use of fireworks

First of all: Happy New Year everyone!
Where ever you spent it, it was probably great and there were probably lots of fireworks (among other things).
From the moment I moved to Amsterdam I had thought that I was living in rather a nice neighbourhood. Busy area with lots to do and see, but my street was rather quiet and very nice looking.
Anything to do with nice or quiet (at the risk of sounding like a complete old lady) is forgotten here around New Year's. From a day or two before the 31st until two days after it's like living in a war zone where crossing your own is no longer safe. Upon opening the door all you see here is smoke, thus people are walking around my street with their hands stretched out in front of them, making them resemble a group of zombies. The days are filled with constant bangs that cause everything to rattle and every single time one of those bangs occurs all the car and scooter alarms in the street respond. Not to mention the accompanying laughter of annoying children, who are of course responsible...
The greatest part of these days of terror was an especially loud bang, which caused the window by our front door to shatter. It now not only sounded and looked like a war zone, but felt like one too. The use of many old blankets is now required when one wishes to sit 'comfortably' in the living room.
However, at the actual New Year's moment the fire works were great. Mostly because there was actually something to look at now and also because people who have been setting off fireworks for hours have seen enough and start handing them out to passers by! Which is why I always make sure to smile when passing these people. When passing young kids this smile can also be interpreted as 'Please don't throw anything at me'.
This fear of having fireworks thrown at me is quite old and comes from an incident of when I was about nine. Someone threw a 'rotje' (can't remember the right word) in my hair and the few seconds before I managed to untangle it (and it exploded-on the floor) were rather nerve wracking.
I also would like to say that I'm not a moaning old woman who hates loud noices etc. I would just like to have the option to go to the loud noices and bangs, instead of them coming to me.