March 26, 2012

Volunteer work

Have you ever done volunteer work before? I have, but only for one day. I was not really interested in this field, as I thought: why would I perform without being paid. I really did not know the value of volunteer work.

So what and when did volunteer work have my attention? It started on my exchange (in Malaysia) when I met this Japanese girl who is working in an organization that does volunteer work for Nepal. We started talking about this, and because she was very nice, I just asked her to tell me more about her volunteer work. As she kept on talking about it, I realized the importance and value of us well fared people help towards the less helpful people in the world. Then I realized that the Netherlands does not have many incentives to push our young generation to perform volunteer work e.g. our universities. Well I really did not mind that HES did not have this, because I really did not care if they had and had no interest in volunteer work before. So you can blame the mindset of students, or society or whatever reasons there are for this.

Then the tsunami event in Japan happened and this Japanese girl I got befriended with, her family got hit. Luckily they were okay. But seeing her so sad and doing her best (whilst being in Malaysia) how to help her family and other Japanese people in Japan during this sad event. I just felt like I need to support and help too. Soon in Malaysia a charity event opened for this event. Of course she volunteered for this, and I automatically joined her to show my support. It was a very busy and though day, I still can remember. But at the end of the day, it was worthy and I felt I have done a good deed for mankind. And this feeling is really indescribable.

Now, I am looking to do some more volunteer work, but then something I really can feel empathy for. So, my next project is for Child & Youth Finance. This organization teaches young children how to handle their money. It is really interesting, please just check their website: and its held in Amsterdam RAI on 3th and 4th April: This organization is still looking for volunteers, so if you are interested, please leave a message. And it is also nice to have this experience on your CV (^_^)..

March 25, 2012

Man or Animal. Who can tell?! Well I don't! XD

Here is a nut cracker for yah!!

We are Homo sapiens, but let me first give you a brief description what we actually are.
  • We are Mammals
  • We do not have a particular mating season
  • We have a lot in common with monkeys, both genetically and behaviorally.
  • Like we sometimes say, we can behave like a beast/be animalistic
  • Lots of other stuff.

Genetically speaking you are homo sapiens, but on a intellectual level we are human. We can proudly say that we are homo sapiens, but to what extent can you call yourself a human being?

The foremost reason would be that we have the ability to reason. Many make the mistake of saying that we can think, but that is wrong. Why? Every living animal, perhaps plants and insects as well, have brain activity or some sort of receptive ability, which sets a whole chain of action into motion. This what i believe to be thinking. So it is applicable to both the conscious and unconscious level of brain activity. In this statement I focus on the brain as a whole and not different parts of the brain by themselves.

Hmm.. if you were to read this description then another question arises. Does our body think or do YOU think? Some believe in a spirit, others believe in materialism. So there are two answers and those are both correct. Why? Because we humans are not able to fully understand each others reasoning, let alone every individual in the entire world! So it is safe to say that there is no correct/good or wrong/evil. Only if humans are capable of doing the above mentioned, only then can there be a truly correct/good or truly wrong/evil.

To answer the question to what extent we are human beings, I would say that we are only humans in our mind.