April 30, 2012

Its orange and the whole days smells of BBQ and beer.

My fellow man, woman and children it's QUEENS DAY! But what are we celebrating actually? Her birthday, other past dutch royalties' birthday? If you were to ask the latest generation Dutchman he/she nowadays would hardly know what it is even about. Apart from the fact that most of us hit the streets dressed or some not even dressed at all in orange or walk around as orange sumo wrestlers, being drunkards in the middle of the day and sell your old stuff legally, there is not much else we relate this day with.

So how did my Queens night go, queens night was party till ya drop literally! That is not because we went dancing for hours and hours but from waiting for the night bus! Can you believe that?! At 03:00 me and my best friends left the club to go home. After walking  all the way through a massive throng of late night party goers and the puking masses we reached our destination to catch the night buses. So there we were waiting, waiting and some more waiting, we did so much intensive waiting that we looked like pro's. Looked at the watch and thought it strange that the bus did not move an inch from the stop it dropped its passengers. The departure stop was a stone throw away from it and the bloody bus never showed up there. Then after having enough of useless, unproductive hanging around the bus stop we decided to look whats wrong and just when we were about to do so it drove away going past us like we were not even there. That such a thing ruined the night was not pleasant to say the least.. In the end we spent 2 hours of our life waiting for it to come. By the time the two hours passed the early trains already started running.

In conclusion we did a respective 4/6 party and 2/6 waiting.

And now the Queens day.

To start with the weather was and still is wonderful and can be called a true summer day! But it didn't start so well though. Me and two others planned on selling our products for the YEN project at 10:00 but as usual I overslept big time and made them wait so long. IF YOU ARE READING THIS HERE IS MY WRITTEN APOLOGY: SSSOOOOOORRRYY! But to get even with me they forgot their stuff to sell. XD LOOL
But no biggie, we managed to at least sell the stuff we had at hand. Funny thing is though, as we were selling our stuff, the people who bought our stuff always wanted to walk away after only hearing the price and its function but as soon as I mentioned that it was sold in order to raise money for charity they had a change of heart and bought it. Why is charity such a big thing I asked myself. Is it that the purchase is more meaningful when helping others is involved, is it out of feeling sorry for the ones we are helping or is it a sense of satisfaction you get when giving a helping hand or is it dajk35ad gdi$@gd akjgd agdf#$k@sgdau. There or millions of reasons one can thing of but lets stick to the most apparent ones for simplicities sake. I am not capable of giving you there reason why people buy our stuff faster when charity is involved, cuz my brainzzellzz are swimming in alcohol now. #hick#

Well thats all for now, chuck yu. lat...zz!

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