November 16, 2012

When your email box flows over...

So, lately I have noticed that I have totally run out of time. So much that I don't read, let alone respond, to all my emails. To me, a Mercurian*/Gemini communicator, that is inexcusable. And yet, I forgive myself. You know why?
1. Tweets, whatsapps and facebook msgs r faster.
2. I have prioritized things in my life. Email is not at the top of the list.
3. I take time for tango, parenting classes and golf. Nope, I don't just work.
4. People are my priorities, not running after the Sisyphus ordeal of my inbox(es).
5. I learned at TedxUtrecht from the Marketing Communications manager of Ziggo that email is no longer an evolved form of snail mail, but something completely different. (I interpret it to be more advertising than real two way communication).
6. I still have, as Rebecca Bortman (also @TedxUtrecht) aptly explained, a severe case of TMP (too many projects) - but in order to do them all - and well - something has to give (guess what? Email!)

So - having said all that... You can find me on @studyleaks, on this blog, my closer friends on Whatsapp and Skype (even the phone!).

What works for you? (happy to hear ideas, comments and feedback to my anti email revolution)... after all, a revolution can only work if a person has a follower....

*The Mercurian is named for Mercury who, if he had known it, was/is the patron god of theatrical translators, those intrepid souls possessed of eloquence, feats of skill, messengers not between the gods but between cultures, traders in images, nimble and dexterous linguistic thieves. (borrowed, not stolen from: