May 14, 2013

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

After I arrived I had the weekend to settle down before the introduction and the classes started. My jetlag took a long time to be over, partly, maybe not partly but mostly my own fault, because I spend my nights chatting with my fiancĂ©. With the 7 hours time difference it is not easy to talk without keeping one or the other out of their sleep. This resulted in me being awake until about 3-4 in the morning, waking up at 6.30 for morning prayer. Sleep again until I had to get ready for class. After class take a nap and then go out for dinner with friends, to finally end up in the dorm chatting again till early in the morning. By keeping daily contact we managed to “survive” 5 months without each other. After some weeks he booked his flight to Malaysia, so the prospects of us spending 2 months of holiday together in Malaysia was something to look forward to and made the time we had to miss each other easier to handle. That way I wasn’t held back by feeling miserable and I could do what I wanted to do during my exchange and still had the feeling that I had my loved one to share with. Absence makes the heart grow fonder they say. Our bond was growing stronger even though we had to cope with the long distance, we decided to plan our wedding in the summer, at my fathers house at Tioman Island. (yes, Google it).

Well, I guess I underestimated planning a wedding in a foreign country. 500 km from the actual wedding location, and on my own. But fortunately I had some great friends who helped me out. Hani and Ireena from my Islamic thinking class helped me with creating the invitations, buying fabrics for my wedding dress, bringing me to a tailor who could make the dress I designed. But most important they supported me mentally when I got stressed.

This is one side of our wedding invitation.

I sent invitations to our family in the Netherlands, knowing most of them would not be able to make it made me quite sad. Especially because my brother, his pregnant girlfriend and my sister-in-law-to-be with her family would not be able to be there.
Thankfully my Mother, the 3 younger brothers of my fiancé, his mother and one of my best friends have booked tickets to come over to be there. The date was set on 07-07-2012. I had less then 4 months to arrange everything.

But in the end.. nothing goes as planned.. to be continued…

May 4, 2013

Update 7 months after graduation

Hello everyone!

It is been a while since my last post cause I have been busy as hell, which is a good thing for Graduates.
Short summary:
I was applying for jobs before my graduation and kept receiving rejections everytime. And when graduation came, I was really depressed! I felt so useless and embarassed  for not having a job.
Then I realize that I was the only one that is desperately seeking for a job whilst my fellow graduates were taking a trip or a break.
I guess I had put up a pressure (study-graduate-immediate job) on myself which only worked negatively on me. After graduation I was depressed and then I also started to apply for jobs which were below my educational level. Then a week before my borthday I got accepted at Esprit, a clothing store.
I was happy and not happy at all as you can imagine the reasons why that is. But then I put on my optimistic shoes and said to myself: "An-Nur in this difficult financial period grab anytime you can and hold on to it untill you find something better. At least you now have an income to pay your monthly fixed costs."
So whilst doing a part-time job and studying for a customs course at Schiphol, I graduated for my customs course on February 2013 and got a job at DHL as Operative Support Officer dealing with (inter)national customs transport.

I think if I did not took an specialized course after graduation, I probs would be unemployed till today. The urge to continue is a wonderfull skill I have developed over the past years. This urge to continue keeps me motivated and pulls me back up when I am feeling down or when I hit a bump in the road and need to pull myself back up.
I also have to thank my parents for bringing me up this way.
My friends, however, slightly disagree seeing me taking such a decision. They say I deserve a break after 4 years of hard-work. This kind of bothered me for a while and I doubt whether I am making th eright decision.
My parents luckily are open-minded, so I talked with them and they calmly reminded me why making this decision isn't that bad. Both of them grew up in poverty and they never knew what the word luxury meant. My dad luckily managed to have part-time jobs and save up money to go to school and so did my mom. Dad became a teacher, mom a nurse. After we got born, mom quit working to take care of us, dad was pressured as he was the only financial source. Here it was when he realized that his children would be in the same poverty cycle and decided that we should move to a place with better opportunities. For the sake of our future, dad took a huge risk to move to NL. Thank god, everything went smoothly. It was difficult in the beginning for us children to adapt to NL. But because I have such loving, positive and hard-working parents, we got all the help, love and guidance a child could ever wished for and I thank god everyday for that!

But enough of my childhood, now I am having a fulltime job (almost working 2 months there now), working crazy shifts. You can say things are finally starting to pay off =D (hard work that is!)
I am also the only female employee in my department. So I am having all the attention hahaha =D
If you want to know more about my job or what it is related to TMA, let me know, this might be my next post.

Till then (^_^)