September 27, 2013

The Point of Viewless

"We have become so used to the constant availability of secondary research
that we no longer desire for primary research,
thus also failing to develop an opinion of our own."

I wrote the above sentence as a conclusion to an interesting conversation I had  about how we are quite unaware of the negative impact technology has on our lives and in particular on education, which was somewhat confirmed by the recent introduction of 'iPad-schools'.
As I grew up the importance of technology and the internet grew along with me. I also think certain things became available at the exact right time. There were limited distractions and as a student a lot of preparation, planning and effort went into studying to make sure we had the right resources and knowledge available at the right time. Because back then, information was not always within reach.

September 19, 2013

Preaching Teaching

Let us me write about something that makes the HVA/HES a great place to study at: its lecturers.
Having been around for a while for reasons I will share in future posts I had my fair share of lecturers at this institution and with the start of the new semester I met some new faces and reconnected with familiar ones. Although it is no secret that teachers are a crucial element to a successful and rewarding learning experience I started thinking about what it is that makes for a good teacher.