June 21, 2014

HvA Teachers go CRAZY!

Seems like a very long time since I have written anything. And yet, miraculously, people are still coming to visit the blog! Thank you, dear visitors! It means the world to me to know that you still care! 

So, the subject of the day is yesterday's fun Personnel Day that was organized by our Sports Dept at the DEM (stands for 'Domein' Economics and Management), which at one point was called SEM (School of Economics and Management), but having gone back and forth over the past couple of years, it seems that the word 'DEM' is the one that is used, so I'll stick with that.

I have to say that each year, the DEM Personnel day gets better and better. Or maybe, I just pick the right workshops!
This year, as you can see here to the left (can you spot which one is me?), we started with Bolder and Wall Climbing at the same facility that the students themselves use when they have a sports class on Wall Climbing/Trust etc....

I really amazed myself by going way out of my comfort zone and at my 4th attempt getting all the way up to the top!!!
Yup, that's me up there! About half way up, I realized that I had gone beyond where I thought I would end up, and from that point onward, I decided not to look down, because I was afraid I might get scared! So, I kept pushing myself up further and further, did NOT look down, and about a meter from the top was about ready to stop. But I took a break, some deep breaths, still refused to look down, and with a pounding heart, pushed and pulled myself all the way up!

I shouted down, "I made it!" and "Block! Block!" and then - dared to look down. I nearly threw up with nervousness, but I had made it, and felt like a champion! Great way to celebrate having turned 51 last week!

The next workshop on my day's planning was called 'Action Painting". I had no idea what it was about, but knew we might get dirty, so I wore my old clothes, but was happy they provided a poncho and gloves to work with!
I also teach something called "Intuitive Painting" in small groups (see here: www.creativetherapy.nl), so I was quite curious what my competition was up to!

Here's what we accomplished in about 2 hours... It was a lot of fun, with music, group work, getting messy, seeing who worked with plans and who just went ahead and did it... who are the lone cowboys (me) and who knows how to talk to the others and discuss what step to take next (them)...! We didn't do any reflecting (we weren't there to do Personal Development, after all, just to have fun!), but I still enjoyed it - and did the reflecting quietly to myself! Note to self: Stop being so bossy and in control and let others take the lead sometimes!

All in all, the day was a lot of fun, and I met some nice new colleagues who I hadn't ever met before, ate a delicious dinner later on at the BBQ that had tons of fresh vegetable salads (much appreciated by my digestive system) and danced like a crazy person (definitely not like someone my age) for a few hours before they finally told us all to go home already! 

Thank you Sports team for the great organization, and thank you HvA DEM for paying for this great day!