January 25, 2016


By now my final internship days have passed. Last Thursday I had a final talk with my company supervisor to discuss the internship report and fill in the final appraisal form. He had made a few side notes in the report and I was kind of waiting for the turnaround where the positive would turn into a more critical direction, but luckily that never came. Overall he rewarded my report and activities with a 8+, so I’m very satisfied and it’s now only left to hope my school will give me a nice grade as well, because that will be the one that will become official. 

On my last internship day I took the four home-made cakes with me which luckily were a success as well. Especially the chocolate cake was finished very quickly. For another intern at the IT department it was his last day as well, so there was a small gathering to have a chat and a drink. Luckily it is was not a real goodbye for myself yet, as I can do my thesis at the same company. I moved my drawer cabinet to the department I will be in next semester and then it was time to go home and start enjoying my week of holidays. 

Bit of a downside though, this morning I noticed I had received an automatically generated e-mail of school saying I have insufficient ECTS to start my thesis. However I don’t see why that would be the case, as (even without a few credits I still need to receive over this semester) I already have enough credits and I completed all necessary internship forms and documents as well. Tomorrow I have to meet with my study advisor anyway, so I will check how this can be solved. 

At least by completing my internship period I am now again one step closer to graduation, and if I manage to successfully graduate it will all be worth it! This will be my final blog as well. Thanks for reading and best of luck with whatever crosses your path!