November 20, 2016

Trees and Trumps - 10 min rant

10 min personal challenge. How much can I write in 10 minutes? I have fallen off the writing wagon for a few months now, and now that my shoulder is slowly improving, I feel the need to get back on, to start being creative again.

It's a windy day outside. Not windy, that word doesn't describe the howling that I can hear via the air vent in the bathroom, the leaves and branching swooshing with each strong gust, the beech tree in the neighbor's backyard, that reaches high above our houses, with its few yellow leaves still clinging on, rocking back and forth. As I drove my daughter to work earlier, we saw a tree that had fallen, luckily not into the road, and luckily not into the building it was next to. Still, the cracked stump of the tree, like a wounded animal with a broken leg was a sad sight.

The Dutch are not immune to awe nature.