March 21, 2017

10 really easy ways to happiness

  1. Sit in your windowseat in the afternoon sun on a warm winter 's day (Okay, it's actually spring, if you really want to be fussy).
  2. Eat healthy food that tastes amazing (for example, lunch was a salad of cucumbers, baby tomatoes, avocado, a boiled egg with homemade tehini blended with parsley! Don't forget to sprinkle this with fresh cilantro - unless you hate cilantro, in which case, give that a miss!)
  3. Know your neighbors by name and face and wave as they pass by.
  4. Notice the sun and the sky that has miraculously turned blue and cloudless!
  5. Spend an hour watching 'Call the Midwife' and let yourself cry at the end.
  6. Know you have a pleasurable evening activity coming up - one that is fun to do and something you chose to do! (I'm going to Hebrew Groove choir practice!).
  7. Plant some seeds in your garden and don't worry about the dirt under your nails!
  8. Have a quick walk to the supermarket with one of your new friends who lives right down the street. (I'm so grateful!)
  9. Allow yourself a lazy day in the middle of the week once in a while, just because you can, and do it without feeling guilty. 
  10. Start off with a cynical, tongue-in-cheek, type of list in mind, but then while writing it, realize that these things you've done today have made you pretty happy, and be grateful that by doing such a small exercise, you can change your mood! 
  11. oops, I have 11!!! (shh, don't tell! Sometimes you just gotta bend the rules a little!). Don't tell anyone, but I bought a new watercolor that I fell in love with at first sight by my artist sister, Margot Gran!
    Watercolor by Margot Gran

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