March 20, 2017

Camp NaNo here I come!

I was in a pit, a well, a deep dark space.
But then, I learned something while teaching my students about pursuing their careers. While doing the exercises I had assigned them, I realized that my writing projects were all on the back burner. And I made a plan to make some changes!

So, although it's been over 2 years since the last time I did any editing for my book - The Fourth Baby/Unraveled - (name still in progress), today, yes TODAY, I sat down and did a sprint - finally got 450 new words added to the book! Woohoo.
It seems like nothing, and those of you who don't know me will be raising one eyebrow and pursing their lips.

However, oh ye doubters, let me tell you this:
I have joined up for Camp NaNo - during the month of April, I will be editing my book (finally, right?). I have made a specific goal of 30 hours of editing. That's an hour a day, for anyone who can't count. That's a lot for me, considering my Netflix binging behaviour, my healthy Paleo cooking addiction, and not to mention my day job. (Sorry kiddies and hubby - you will have to fend for yourselves).

What do I need?
* support
* encouragement
* curiosity
* trust
* time & space

If anyone wants to be my editing buddy, (what the heck is that anyway, and how would it work?), that would be awesome.

In short, I am going to do this ! Get my writing back on track, finish my first (yes, you read that correctly, there are more in the pipeline after this one) novel, work to get it published, and rule the world. (Okay, maybe not that part.)

But it has always been a dream of mine to write, and not just a dream. I do write. But it stays in the dark, where no one ever reads it. So, I'm slowly opening up the curtains, and exposing myself and my writing to the elements!

Wish me good luck!

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